Technology streamlines your work and helps you save time. The same goes true for agriculture. Farmers are able to produce larger yields with less labour and time because of the technologically advanced tools and equipment utilised in agriculture. Since its founding in 1960, Padgilwar Corporation, India's leading producer of Agricultural Tools and equipment, has worked to support small farmers of our country.

In order to assist our farmers in their work, Padgilwar Corporation occasionally offers new and upgraded tools and equipment at a reasonable price. With the help of these agricultural products, our farmers can achieve excellent yields while using less effort.

Let's learn about some time and effort-saving farming gear and machinery in this section.

Water pumps: The water pump is, without doubt, one of the most crucial tools used in agriculture. It facilitates the simple transfer of water from its source to the fields and agricultural crops. These pumps are suitable for drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and hose irrigation.

One of the most crucial components of agriculture is irrigation, and Indian farmers have a lot of difficulties meeting the needs of their fields and crops. Water pumps of all types, available from Padcorp, are strong and reasonably priced. These water pumps come in a variety of power levels and run on kerosene, diesel, and gasoline.

Battery Sprayers: Farmers can use sprayers to apply pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other agricultural chemicals to protect their crops from pests and to feed the plants with vital nutrients. The farmers find the Padcorp portable battery sprayers to be a boon. They are used to spray liquids over small to big fields all at once.

Padcorp manufactures a wide range of battery sprayers that come in a variety of specifications and at reasonable prices. These large-tank sprayers stay charged for a considerable amount of time.

The Double Bull battery-operated sprayer, one of the highest-selling products from Padcorp, quickly and efficiently sprays a big area. Thanks to its powerful 18-litre tank.

Mulching Sheet: Mulching sheets are the protective covers used to minimise the negative impacts of weather on crops. It is one of the most cutting-edge agricultural practices to maintain healthy farms by regulating the humidity, and carbon dioxide content, and supplying the crops with the right temperature and microclimate.

In agriculture, these sheets have a number of advantages, including:

  • Reduction of water loss through evaporation that reduces the need for irrigation
  • Preventing soil erosion and maintaining soil salinity
  • Keeping crops at a favourable temperature
  • Suppressing weed growth
  • Promoting seed germination and the growth of white roots
  • Aiding in lowering pests and insects that spread disease to crops.

Mulching Sheets produced by Padcorp are of exceptional quality having outstanding texture and measurement.

Mobile Rice Mill: Another novel device that is substantially assisting, especially small farmers, is the mobile rice mill. The device is benefitting small farmers as it makes it easier to remove chaff as needed.

The most recent generation of completely automatic mobile rice mills, the Angel Mobile Rice Mill Machine, was unveiled by Padcorp. This high-speed micro rice mill, which weighs only 56 kg and can process 120 to 150 Kg of rice per hour, saves farmers time and money while also making the chore of processing rice quick and simple.

Crop cutter: Cutting crops manually is a difficult task. It is labor-intensive and time-consuming. However, modern crop cutters from Padcorp have significantly simplified farming for farmers. It involves less effort and time.

With the help of crop cutters from Padcorp, farmers may chop crops on their own thanks to blades that cut in a scissor-like action. This practical instrument is reasonably priced and available in a number of versions.

Seeding machine: Farmers no longer need to manually spread seeds in large fields. Thanks to Padcorp's seeding machine! This machine has made the farmers' laborious task of seeding much easier. The seeding machine saves not only time but also labour.

Padcrop's seeding machine distributes seeds evenly in the field and is inexpensive.

Tea Leaf Cutter: Padcorp has created yet another useful and efficient tool to assist tea cultivators. It can complete the task in much less time. This incredible machine can complete two hours of handpicking in just ten minutes.


Padgilwar Corporation of Pune benefits farmers by providing low-cost cutting-edge technology products that make farming easier. Farmers in India rely on us and our products and services. Contact us for all of your agricultural needs.