Padgilwar Corporation, India's largest producer of farming tools and equipment since its inception in 1960, works relentlessly to support the small farmers of India with technologically advanced farming tools and equipment.

Technology streamlines your work and helps you save time. For farmers, technology is paving the way for enhanced productivity and profitability. They are able to produce higher yields with less effort and time.

Padcorp, with a nationwide network of dealers and distributors, offers a wide range of agricultural products and technology that are making the life of farmers better. So, all farmers, who want to adopt technology to earn maximum from their toil, must choose Padcorp for agricultural products.

Read below to understand why Padcorp should be a farmer’s first choice for agriculture products.

Why Padcorp is the best option for agriculture products?

The challenges faced by Indian farmers are different from those in developed nations. Here, issues such as lack of electricity, difficulties moving machinery, etc. are common. Our farms live in remote areas, so installation and maintenance by a skilled individual is also an issue.

Considering these issues, Padcorp strives to support Indian farmers at every stage of farming. We create agricultural machinery that meets farmers' needs through the production, processing, and consumption of agricultural goods. We produce products that are:

  • Wide in Variety

Today, Padcorp produces over 100 different types of agricultural products. Way back in 1960, it started with its pioneer product, Chincholi Perni Yatra as the first fabricating machine but now, we have revolutionized agricultural activities by producing effective and efficient products such as different kinds of sprayers, pumps, rice mills, mulching sheets, tarpaulin, plant trimmers, seed-cutters, etc.

  • Best in Quality

PADCORP provides farmers with robust and durable products that will last a long time and save money on repurchase costs. PADCORP specialises in high-quality products. Quality has always been the most important factor in a company's success. If you know the average capacity of machines and the number of workdays available, you can pick machinery more effectively. It has reduced the farming time by performing a large amount of labour in a short period of time. Farm machinery improves product quality and increases market agricultural and food output.

  • Requires low maintenance

PADCORP offers farmers strong, durable products that will last a long time and reduce the need for replacement costs. The focus of PADCORP is on high-quality products. The popularity of the business has always been primarily attributed to quality. Knowing the average machine capacity and the number of workdays available can help you choose equipment more wisely. By performing a lot of work quickly, it has reduced the amount of time needed for farming. Farm equipment improves product quality and boosts the production of agricultural and food products for the market.

  • Easily available

The primary goal of PADCORP is to make farm equipment accessible in all nooks and crannies of the nation. We have always made an effort to select distributors and dealers who have a significant presence in the most isolated regions, where farming is the most challenging. Even the farmers from the region where public transportation is scarce have always received the necessary farming products thanks to our strong distribution network and committed dealers. In addition, with our products available online, searching and buying agriculture products have become much easier.

  • Easy availability of spare components

In an era where production is driven by demand, spare parts are essential assets for maintaining high productivity. Having spare parts on hand enables you to meet or exceed your production goals and ensures that your deliveries are made on schedule. The spare parts for the PADCORP are easily available. Farmers profit from the company's products. We are aware of how challenging it is for farmers to maintain their equipment in good working condition without the necessary spare parts.

  • Cost-effective

In addition to helping a farmer save time, using the right agricultural equipment to carry out the right farming tasks can improve a farm's productivity and fertility. But when purchasing farm equipment, the cost is the primary deciding factor. While farming, farmers must invest in a variety of things, such as seeds, pesticides, labour, and agricultural machinery. Again, location, uncertainty and environmental factors cut into farming's profits. Farmers ultimately experience depression as a result. Keeping these circumstances in mind, PADCORP has consistently strived to provide Indian Farmers with affordable products.


Padcorp has a wide experience of over 60 years. In these years, the firm has developed a brand, which is much-trusted by our customers.

So, if you are in need of high-quality robust agriculture products, contact us.