Beekeeping is one of the earliest practices in India for gathering honey. Due to increasing demand in both domestic and foreign markets, honey bee farming is becoming more and more popular. In addition to providing farmers with sweet dividends, beekeeping boosts agricultural productivity by pollinating plants. Honeybees also produce royal jelly, bee wax, and honey, providing farmers with additional advantages. Padgilwar Corporation, the leading manufacturer of farming equipment in India, also suggests ways for smaller farmers in India to increase their income. Honeybee farming is a profitable sector in that farmers can opt for additional income. Honeybee farming requires a few pieces of equipment and tools. In this blog, let us learn about the essential beekeeping equipment and tools for successful honeybee farming.

  1. Comb foundation

The bees in honeybee farming will begin comb-building from one of the frames, so a small piece of comb is required to tie with it.

  1. Bee gloves

A pair of bee gloves are essential honeybee farming. Bees are handled with leather gloves to avoid bee stings when handling the comb and bees.

  1. Bee veil

The keeper's neck, face, and head must be protected during handling by a bee veil. It is typically made of linen.

  1. Smoker

This is another crucial equipment for honeybee farming. Bees in a hive must be captured using a smoker. Bees become inactive when smoke from paper, wood, and coconut cover is present. A smoker has a firebox where fire and substances that produce smoke are placed. The smoke is blown by a bellows system.

  1. Hive tool

It is a long, flat, narrow piece of steel with a head that is slightly bent for scraping away filthy materials that have been dumped by bees or other creatures.

  1. Honey extractor

This equipment in honeybee farming is utilized to remove honey from the frames without causing comb damage. It is made up of a metal drum with numerous pockets arranged around a turning wheel. The pockets are designed to revolve around a central axis while the frames are suspended from them.

The honey is separated from the comb that is gathered in the drum by the centrifugal force produced by rotation. Through a hole at the bottom of the drum, the honey is removed. Once more, the combs and frames are added to the hive.

  1. Queen Excluder

This frame is wired. Although the wire is large enough to accommodate workers, the queen cannot. The queen must therefore remain in the brood box, which is located in between the brood and super chambers.

  1. Super Chamber

This is the room where the honey is kept. With the exception of their shorter height, the frames are similar to brood boxes. This chamber is also known as a honey chamber because it is used to store honey.

  1. Cover

The top of the hives has an inner and an outer cover. The inner cover safeguards the bee nest and keeps the hive's humidity and temperature stable. On the other hand, the outer covering serves as a roof and shield from the sun and rain. There are ventilation holes in the wooden planks as well.


Thus, these are some of the essential equipment used in beekeeping. If you are planning to
start honeybee farming, and start collecting these pieces of equipment.

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