1. October 08, 2022

    Top 6 Benefits to Use Sprayers in Agriculture

     Farmers now have access to a plethora of innovative equipment and resources to help them complete their tasks of feeding the masses, thanks to consistent technological advancements in the agricultural sector. In particular, many farmers have begun using sprayers to irrigate their fields and apply chemicals for Plant Protection. Padgilwar Corporation, the leading and most trusted manufacturer of agricultural equipment benefits small farmers by offering them efficient, cost-effective, durable, and easy-to-use agricultural equipment, including sprayers of various kinds. These sprayers have several advantages.Read below to know the top 6 benefits of sprayers in agriculture.

    Spraying pesticides

    Sprayers are effective pest control equipment. Infested areas can be sprayed with pesticides that have been mixed with water. Farmers must spray after every two weeks if a specific area has a high pest infestation. Even livestock can be sprayed with pesticides to kill ticks and other dangerous pests while also lowering production.

    Spraying herbicides

    Unwanted vegetation can be easily controlled by sprayers. They use a sprayer to mix herbicide and water for this. The farmer then sprays it on undesirable vegetation, which naturally dries a few days later. With the advancement of technology, scientists have created a variety of new chemicals that can be used to select and eradicate only undesirable crops from a plot of land. Such selective herbicides can also be applied by farmers using sprayers.

    Spraying fungicides

    Hand sprayers are tools used in agriculture to eradicate fungi, rust, and other blights. These are the plants' worst foes because they lower crop production. Animals can also suffer negative effects from

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  2. September 29, 2022

    Why Padcorp Should Be Your First Choice For Agriculture Products?

    Padgilwar Corporation, India's largest producer of farming tools and equipment since its inception in 1960, works relentlessly to support the small farmers of India with technologically advanced farming tools and equipment.

    Technology streamlines your work and helps you save time. For farmers, technology is paving the way for enhanced productivity and profitability. They are able to produce higher yields with less effort and time.

    Padcorp, with a nationwide network of dealers and distributors, offers a wide range of agricultural products and technology that are making the life of farmers better. So, all farmers, who want to adopt technology to earn maximum from their toil, must choose Padcorp for agricultural products.

    Read below to understand why Padcorp should be a farmer’s first choice for agriculture products.

    Why Padcorp is the best option for agriculture products?

    The challenges faced by Indian farmers are different from those in developed nations. Here, issues such as lack of electricity, difficulties moving machinery, etc. are common. Our farms live in remote areas, so installation and maintenance by a skilled individual is also an issue.

    Considering these issues, Padcorp strives to support Indian farmers at every stage of farming. We create agricultural machinery that meets farmers' needs through the production, processing, and consumption of agricultural goods. We produce products that are:

    • Wide in Variety

    Today, Padcorp produces over 100 different types of agricultural products. Way back in 1960, it started with its pioneer product, Chincholi Perni Yatra as the first fabricating machine but now, we have revolutionized agricultural activities by producing effective and efficient products such as different kinds of sprayers, pumps, rice mills, mulching sheets, tarpaulin, plant trimmers, seed-cutters, etc.

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  3. September 15, 2022

    Top Agricultural Tools from Padcorp that are Essential for Farming

    Technology streamlines your work and helps you save time. The same goes true for agriculture. Farmers are able to produce larger yields with less labour and time because of the technologically advanced tools and equipment utilised in agriculture. Since its founding in 1960, Padgilwar Corporation, India's leading producer of Agricultural Tools and equipment, has worked to support small farmers of our country.

    In order to assist our farmers in their work, Padgilwar Corporation occasionally offers new and upgraded tools and equipment at a reasonable price. With the help of these agricultural products, our farmers can achieve excellent yields while using less effort.

    Let's learn about some time and effort-saving farming gear and machinery in this section.

    Water pumps: The water pump is, without doubt, one of the most crucial tools used in agriculture. It facilitates the simple transfer of water from its source to the fields and agricultural crops. These pumps are suitable for drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and hose irrigation.

    One of the most crucial components of agriculture is irrigation, and Indian farmers have a lot of difficulties meeting the needs of their fields and crops. Water pumps of all types, available from Padcorp, are strong and reasonably priced. These water pumps come in a variety of power levels and run on kerosene, diesel, and gasoline.

    Battery Sprayers: Farmers can use sprayers to apply pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other agricultural chemicals to protect their crops from pests and to feed the plants with vital nutrients. The farmers find the Padcorp portable battery sprayers to be a boon. They are used to spray liquids over small to big fields all at once.

    Padcorp manufactures a wide range of battery sprayers that come in a variety

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  4. March 16, 2022

    Agriculture’s Future and Emerging Trends in India

    India is an agricultural nation where more than half the population is involved directly or indirectly in agriculture. It’s the most important sector and is said to be the backbone of our country. Hence, the Indian government, researchers and farmers take many steps for the growth of this sector.

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  5. January 13, 2022


    In agriculture, a sprayer is a device that sprays fluids such as insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other chemicals on crops to protect them from pests and supply nutrients. These sprayers are frequently used in agriculture, plantations, gardens, horticulture, and other industries, and they can perform a wide range of tasks with little effort and high pressure.

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  6. January 06, 2022


    sprayer is a device used in agriculture to spray liquids such as insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other chemicals on crops to protect them from pests and provide nutrients. These sprayers are common in agriculture, plantations, gardens, horticulture, and other fields, and they give a wide range of applications with minimal effort and high pressure.

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  7. December 24, 2021


    Gardening appears to be a slow, laborious hobby in today’s fast-paced world. It’s perplexing why people would devote time to gardening when they are always concerned with household tasks. Gardening, on the other hand, is about more than just beautifying the environment. Gardening has several perks as well. Plants are necessary for life to exist.

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  8. December 18, 2021

    Top Features of Padcorp’s Suzo Max 4 Stroke High-Pressure Sprayer

    In India, agriculture is the most common occupation. Agriculture directly or indirectly supports two-thirds of the population. It is not only a source of income but also a way of life. It is the primary source of food, forage, and fuel for the animals.

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  9. December 08, 2021


    Rabi crops, also known as Rabi harvests, are crops that are planted during the winter or cold season. In the spring, they are harvested. Rabi is an Arabic term that means “spring.” As a result, the word “Rabi” is often used in the subcontinent. Rabi is harvested in our subcontinent between November and April. The rainwater gathered this season is the primary source of water for these plants.

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  10. November 27, 2021

    Wheat Farming: Plant this kind of wheat before November 20th to have a greater return

    The changing patterns in weather conditions such as rain, wind, sunshine, hailstorm, etc. have made the older varieties of wheat to be ineffective in procuring high yield. So today, researchers all over the world are working to develop new varieties of wheat that could sustain the weather changes and give a high yield

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