Agri-Machinery has become the most important part of agricultural advancement. When it comes to the expansion of the agricultural sector, technology plays an important role. Agri-Machinery has long been used by Indian farmers. Initially, manual tools were used by the farmers followed by animal-drawn tools, and with the industrial revolution evolved large farm machinery.

Mechanisation is the most significant agricultural revolution in history. It has made farming much easier. In old days, farmers used human power for farming. They used animal power for performing mechanised farming, which is still used by many farmers today. Then there came the modern way, which is the mechanised way. In modern times, farmers use several mechanized equipment and machinery instead of human or animal power to make farming easier and less time-consuming.

In this blog, we will learn about some most important types of farming equipment and their applications.


Another most important farming equipment is a sprayer, which is used on farms to spray insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and even water. It is possible to use a blower sprayer or an agricultural aircraft sprayer. Additionally, sprayers need regular maintenance such as sprayer monitor calibration, fluid level checks, and component greasing. Spraying effectiveness also depends on droplet size, which is influenced by pressure.


A mower is a machine that cuts (mows) grass and other ground plants. Typically, mowing is distinguished from reaping, which employs similar tools but is the traditional term for harvesting grain crops. To keep up with the maintenance of your lawn or pastures, choose from a push-behind mower, a riding mower, a zero-turn mower, a belly-mounted mower, or a pull-behind mower. You might need a sickle-bar mower, a drum mower, or a disc mower if you're making hay. Brush mowers, batwing mowers, and flail mowers are all options for large areas in your farm equipment collection.


Backhoes are also useful for digging fence post holes and performing minor excavation tasks such as digging small ponds and water features. If you need tools for digging holes, a backhoe is a right tool for the job. Backhoes are available as separate hydraulic implements for various tractor models.


The cultivator's primary function is to prepare a proper seedbed for the crop to be planted, bury crop residue in the soil (which helps to warm the soil before planting), control weeds, and mix and incorporate the soil to ensure the growing crop has enough water and nutrients to grow well during the growing season. Many shanks are mounted on the underside of a metal frame, and small narrow rods at the back of the machine smooth out the soil surface for later travel when planting.

Combine Harvester

The modern combine harvester, also known as a combine, is a multipurpose tool made to effectively harvest a range of grain crops. The name comes from combining the three distinct harvesting processes of reaping, threshing, and winnowing into one. Wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn (maize), sorghum, soybeans, flax (linseed), sunflowers, and canola are some of the crops that can be harvested using a combine. The crop's stems and any remaining leaves are included in the separated straw that is left on the field; the straw is then either chopped, spread out, or ploughed back into the soil, or it is baled for use as livestock bedding and limited feed.

Brush Cutter

A brush cutter, also referred to as a brush saw or clearing saw, is a powered garden or agricultural tool that is used to trim weeds, small trees, and other foliage that a lawn mower or rotary mower fails to reach. The machine can have various blades or trimmer heads for different applications.


With the help of the modern agricultural machinery and technology mentioned above, farming has become more like a science than an art form today. Utilizing technology and machinery in agriculture only serves to increase the output, efficiency, and sustainability of farming.

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