In agriculture, a sprayer is used to apply liquids like water, insecticides, and pesticides. They are also used to apply fertiliser and pesticides to crops in agriculture.

Spray guns are occasionally included in agricultural sprayers, along with spray nozzles, liquid tanks, sprayer pumps (फवारा पंप), pressure regulators, valves, and fluid pipework. There are several different sizes, designs, and performance requirements for this agricultural sprayer (शेतीचा फवारा पंप). Sprayers come in a variety of sizes that enable them to cover small to extremely vast expanses of land.

Padgilwar Corporation, founded in 1960, is committed to helping Indian farmers by offering them the most modern farming tools and equipment at competitive prices.It manufactures several sprayers for different spraying purposes, including weed control, gardening, crops, trees, and fruit. These sprayers are not only benefitting Indian farmers but are also popular worldwide. In this blog, let us look at some of the most popular agricultural sprayers manufactured by Padcorp for 2023 that help farmers around the world.

Double Bull Battery Sprayer

Double Bull Battery Sprayer is one of the best-selling products by Padcorp. This robust sprayer has several amazing features and can be used for horticulture, gardening, agriculture, pest control and more. It is a user-friendly sprayer, easy to assemble, repair and maintain. The following are the key features that make it highly beneficial in agriculture:

  • 18-litre tank made of sturdy high-density polyethene. Attached to the tank is a printed double-strong belt with a back cushion.
  • Top-notch, luxurious back support.
  • A high-quality 12Vx14 battery with an eight-hour charging time and a four-hour spray time when the battery is fully charged. Instead of the typical handle lever, it comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • A button-controlled battery-operated device.
  • An adaptable hose.
  • A spray extension that can be extended and attached with a high-pressure weapon to spray far and wide.
  • Use the three-way lance to spray the material with the nozzles all at once, or select any nozzle from your side.
  • Telescopic Lance
  • It has a high-pressure pistol that is about one foot long.
  • The finest filter is one that stands alone
  • There are three sets of nozzles for various spraying systems.
  • 1 soft Tigger operated by hand.
  • 15 feet of wire and a 9v LED light bulb with an on/off switch.
  • Using a flower nozzle, spray pesticide on crops like a shower.

Suzo Max 4-Stroke High-Pressure Sprayer

Suzo Max 4-Stroke High-Pressure Sprayer is a petrol engine-operated sprayer. It is one of the best farming tools for helping farmers in agricultural work.

  • Here are some highlights of the Suzo Max 4 Stroke High-Pressure Sprayer from Padcrop: Water tank: The Padcorp sprayer includes a water tank with a 20-litre water holding capacity.
  • The Suzo Max 4 Stroke High-Pressure Sprayer, which is powered by a petrol engine with 36 CC and 4 Strokes, was made by the Padgilwar Corporation. The gasoline tank has a 750 ML capacity.
  • A watertight switch is built into the Padcorp Sprayer to lessen the risk of electric shock when using it for agricultural purposes.
  • Carry System: Padcorp's Sprayer has a particular carry system that makes it one-of-a-kind and makes it easier for farmers to use.
  • The hand-operated cap and the intelligent leaking cap set this sprayer apart from those made by other brands. The Suzo Max 4 High-Pressure Sprayer's intelligent leakage cap safeguards it in the event of a leak in the sprayer's water tank.
  • The sprayer's gun holder system, which was built with farmers' ease in mind, is the best feature of the Padcorp sprayer.
  • Large Carry Belt: Since this sprayer is an engine-powered hand sprayer, farmers carry it in their arms. As a result, the maker gave it a sturdy Carry Belt with the Padcorp brand printed on it.

Padcorp Manual Pressure Sprayer

Padcorp’s Manual Pressure Sprayer is one of the best gardening tools that help in maintaining small or large gardens. It is used to water plants or to spray liquid-based pesticides or insecticides on garden plants to reduce weeds, bug infestations, and illnesses.

Features of manual pressure sprayer by Padcorp

  • Padcorp's sprayer is composed of high-quality materials that are both sturdy and long-lasting.
  • It is simple to use. You simply open the lid, pour the drink, and close it. Create pressure in the tank with your hand and the associated pump. Spray as needed after adjusting the nozzle.
  • To spray the liquid, a high-quality lockable spray trigger is used.
  • The manual sprayer has a very good range. You can spray a considerable distance.
  • The extra pressure in the tank can cause damage to the tool. As a result, there is a pressure-releasing section where you can simply relieve the pressure.
  • The larger sprayer features support to prevent it from falling when loaded. It comes with a belt that is securely fastened to the tank. You can simply carry the container with the help of this belt.

Padcorp disinfectant ULV sprayer machine

Cold ULV foggers are used to apply chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sterilisers, and disinfectants, among others. The size of the droplet is important since there is an appropriate droplet size for each application.

A specialised nozzle is used to compress pesticides or disinfectants, creating an aerosol or thin, chilly mist. In particular, electric portable models are ideal for interior use because they are quieter and do not produce exhaust fumes.

Benefits of using the ULV Sprayer Machine

  • Cost-effective
  • Controlled application
  • Good for places with water scarcity
  • Covers a maximum surface
  • Controlled droplet size
  • Speedy application


PADCORP,one of the oldest and most reputable producers of agricultural tools and equipment, has created more than 100 tools and equipment for farmers, gardeners, and horticulturists. It is a 60-year-old company that produces economical, long-lasting, and ISI-approved goods. So, Padcorp in Pune is the place to go if you need any agricultural tools or equipment, such as sprayers, pumps, etc.