With the continual increase in demand for crop production, pest and disease management has become crucial for agriculture. A battery sprayer with good acreage is important agricultural equipment that can facilitate farmers in a number of ways. PADCORP, with its commitment to helping small farmers of India, has developed the most efficient battery-operated sprayer – Double Bull for different agricultural purposes. Further, farmers can easily purchase this robust product online at the best price directly from padcorp.in.

PADGILWAR CORPORATION is a well-known agricultural product company on the market. It displays agricultural sprayers for use in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, plantations, forestry, and gardens. The Double Bull Battery-Operated sprayer is an example of the kind of exceptional enhancements that a group of competent specialists may bring to manufacturing.

Features of Double Bull Pump

This robust product, like our other items, assures our clients of quality, ease of use, and dependability. It is constructed with high-quality materials. Its long-term strength is due to its solid design and construction. This equipment is appealing since it has a few extra features, such as an intake hose and a larger filter.

Double Bull is equipped with a high-quality 12voltx14 battery that has an 8-hour charge time and a 4-hour spray time after being fully charged.

It has a filter, high-pressure gun with feet, 3-way lance, one lance extension, 9-watt LED bulb with 15-foot wire and on/off button, and back support.Additionally, the high-quality stainless steel telescopic lance comes with four different types of Nozzles.


The Well Supported Back-Pad Double Bull Sprayer Machine is beneficial to farmers. We supply the farmers with a Super Strong Belt with a padded cushion so that they can spray with ease while wearing the 18-litre tank. The key feature is High-Quality Luxury Backpad Support with Air Circulation. It comes with an 18-litre Super Strong tank and a long lifeline.

The Dual Motor Operating button on the Double Bull Sprayer Machine allows you to use either both or just one motor at a time. The pressure regulator button, which may be adjusted to high or low, controls the sprayer's pressure.


Sprayers are liquid-dispensing machines that are commonly used to project water, weed killers, crop performance compounds, pest management chemicals, and manufacturing and production line components.

This machine applies fertiliser to crops such as wheat, paddy, maize, cotton, flowering plants, and vegetables.

It can also be used to spray medication and insecticide on diseased plants.

This is also useful in the garden.


Using a portable sprayer has various advantages. It can be moved to any area. Because it is battery-powered, it can be used in places where there is no power supply. PADCORP's Double Bull Battery Sprayer will keep your crop safe from harmful diseases.

Buy this cost-effective, efficient, portable agricultural equipment at the best price from padcorp.in.