Since its inception in 1960, Padgilwar Corporation, India's leading manufacturer of farming tools and equipment, has worked tirelessly to provide small farmers of India with cutting-edge agricultural tools and equipment.

With our best farming equipment, your task is streamlined and saves time. Technology is enabling increased production and profitability for farmers. They can create greater yields with less time and effort.

Padcorp offers a comprehensive range of agricultural products and technology that improve the lives of farmers through its nationwide network of dealers and distributors. Besides, we also offer our products online through our well-designed, user-friendly websites. You can buy farming equipment easily using the best website.Given below are the features of Padcorp’s website that make it the best website for farmers for buying farming equipment online.

  1. User-friendly

A positive user experience is arguably the most crucial element that customers expect from an e-commerce site.Padcorp’s website is one of the best user-friendly sites. It helps its customers to have easy access to what they want. It contains a simple, straightforward, high-quality homepage that showcases the range of products and best-selling products, contain videos giving you knowledge about the products and services offered by Padcorp, and more. And the best part is our website is fast and responsive.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Consumers of e-Commerce are becoming more and more reliant on their mobile devices in the modern marketplace. Indian farmers want to browse online stores on their mobile. Our website is mobile-optimized. It automatically modifies according to your mobile shape and size and keeps you happy.

  1. Provides multiple payment options

We strive to make the purchasing process as simple as possible for our customers by including a variety of online payment options in the shopping cart. This increases the chances of closing the sale during the final checkout step on our website. We offer several debit and credit card options to encourage customers to buy our products.

  1. 24/7 customer service

Providing friendly, easily accessible customer service is essentialfora positive customer experience. Our website offers the best customer service by being available at any time any day of the year. We try to sort out your problems as soon as possible.

  1. Offers discounts

Customers enjoy believing that they are receiving a good bargain and are being treated differently from other customers. We provide our customers with discounts on every prepaid order.

  1. Provide extensive product knowledge

We provide as much product information as we can to persuade our buyers that our product is excellent and worth their money.

Our product pages include in-depth product descriptions with details on size, material, colour, and other factors. We provide top-notch product photography that displays the item from every perspective as well as product movies that provide thorough product information.


Thus, if you need agricultural equipment online, visit our website . It not only offers you a wide range of agricultural equipment that is strong, durable, and efficient but also gives you a seamless buying experience through a well-designed, fast, user-friendly website.