In India, agriculture is the most common occupation. Agriculture directly or indirectly supports two-thirds of the population. It is not only a source of income but also a way of life. It is the primary source of food, forage, and fuel for the animals. Our economy relies heavily on agriculture. Agriculture is significant not only in terms of economics, but also in terms of our social, political, and cultural lives.

The farming yield has greatly improved in recent decades. This is made feasible by technological advancements in farming operations and the employment of new tools and equipment by farmers. Padgilwar Corporation was founded in 1960 to help India’s small farmers by providing them with the most up-to-date farming tools and equipment at a reasonable price.

Padcorp’s Suzo Max 4 Stroke High-Pressure Sprayer, is one of the best farming tools which is manufactured by the Padgilwar Corporation. It is petrol engine operated easy stroke sprayer which helps the farmers in agricultural work.

Pad Corp manufactures several garden sprayer models that may be used to apply both synthetic and organic products such as horticultural oils. These are hand-operated and come in a variety of capacities. The top features of the Padcrop’s Suzo Max 4 Stroke High-Pressure Sprayer are mentioned here:-

  • Water tank: – The Padcorp’s sprayer has a water tank which has the capacity of 20 liter water containing.
  • Engine & Petrol Tank Capacity: – Padgilwar Corporation manufactured the Suzo Max 4 Stroke High-Pressure Sprayer which is operated by the petrol engine which has 36 CC and 4 Strokes. The capacity of the petrol tank is 750 ML.
  • Water Proof Switch: – The Padcorp’s Sprayer incorporates a waterproof switch which reduces the risk of electric shock while using it for agriculture.
  • Carry System: – the carry system of the Sprayer is the unique and special feature of Padcorp’s Sprayer which provides ease to the farmers in using it.
  • Hand-operated cap and smart leakage cap: – These two caps of the sprayer differentiate it from sprayers of the other brands. The smart leakage cap of the Suzo Max 4 High-Pressure Sprayer protects it in the case of leakage in the water tank of the sprayer.
  • Gun Holder System: – The gun holder system of Padcorp’s Sprayer is the best part of the sprayer which is designed as per the convenience of the farmers.
  • Heavy Carry Belt: – This sprayer is engine operated hand sprayer because of it, this sprayer is carried by the farmers on their arms. So, the manufacturer designed it with the heavy Carry Belt on which the logo of Padcorp is printed.


In Pune, PADCORP is a well-known maker of agricultural tools and equipment. It aids farmers by providing low-cost, cutting-edge technology that streamlines their farming practices. It has worked for the upliftment and empowerment of India’s tiny villages for the past 60 years. Padcorp’s products and services are used by thousands of farmers.