In recent decades, the farming yield has improved tremendously. This is possible due to technological developments in the methods of farming and new tools and equipment used by farmers. Padgilwar Corporation with a mission to uplift small farmers of India, since its inception in 1960 has been serving them by offering the latest farming tools and equipment at a relatively low price.

Padcorp has manufactured several smart tools and equipment that facilitates effortless farming and make the whole process of farming cost-effective for the farmers. With these smart farming products, you can get a high yield that too with little labour and overall expenditure. Let’s take a look at some of the smart farming technology products from Padcorp.

Top 6 Smart Farming Products from Padcorp

Water Pump:

The water pump is one of the most important machines used in agriculture. It helps to move water from its source to the fields and crops. These pumps are utilized in various forms of irrigation such as drip, sprinklers or with a hose.

Pad Corp manufactures a wide range of water pumps that are durable and affordable. They range from kerosene to diesel and petrol operated pumps of different power.

Mulching Sheet

These are protective covers that are used to control weather effects on crops. It’s a trusted procedure to keep farms healthy by controlling humidity, the content of carbon dioxide and providing proper temperature and micro-climate for the crops.

Padcorp’s Mulch sheets have several benefits in agriculture. It prevents water loss by evaporation thus lessening the need for irrigation, avoids soil erosion but retains its salinity, maintains the favourable temperature for the growth of crop controls the growth of weeds and triggers seed germination and the growth of white roots. It also helps in reducing the pests and insects that cause diseases in crops.

Padcorp’s mulching sheet is of superior quality and has excellent texture and measurement.

Mobile Rice Mill

A new technology that has greatly helped farmers is the introduction of mobile rice mills. This agricultural machine facilitates the removal of chaff as per the need. It greatly benefits small farmers.

Padcorp’s Angel Mobile Rice Mill Machine is the latest model mobile rice mill that is fully automatic. It weighs merely 56 kg and has a capacity of processing 120 to 150 kg rice per hour. This high-speed mini rice mill saves the time and money of farmers and makes the processing of rice efficiently and effortlessly.

Battery Sprayers

Farmers are often required to spray pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. to protect their crops from pests and also to provide essential nutrients to the crops. Battery sprayers from Padcorp are proving a boon for the farmers. These agricultural and landscaping devices are employed in spraying liquids ranging from small to large fields in one go.

Pad Crop assists farmers with a wide range of battery sprayers having different specifications and is available at affordable prices. All these sprayers remain charged for a long duration and have high tank capacity.

Double Bull battery operated sprayer with a super strong tank of 18-litre capacity is one of the highest-selling products. With this, you can spray even your large field in one go.

Crop Cutter

Padcorp’s crop cutters have made the job of farmers much easier. It neither requires large labour nor is it time-consuming. These tools have blades that cut the crop in a scissoring type of motion.

Crop Cutter from Pad Corp has enabled farmers in cutting crops independently. These come in various models at affordable prices.

Seeding Machine

Today farmers don’t need to manually spread the seeds in large fields. The seeding machines have made this tiring job very easy for the farmers. Many companies have started making seeding machines that save time for the farmers and also the labour cost.

Pad Crop has introduced a budget-friendly, seeding machine that evenly distributes the seeds in the field.


PADCORP is a well-known manufacturer of farming tools and equipment in Pune. It benefits farmers by offering low-cost latest technology that makes their farming processes effortless. For the last 60 years, it has worked for the upliftment and empowerment of small villages of India. Thousands of farmers rely on the products and services of Padcorp.