Pad Corp, based in Pune, is one of the pioneers in assisting small farmers of the country. Since 1960, “Padgilwar Group” is striving hard to help and empower small-scale farmers of the country by introducing new tools, equipment and machinery at affordable rates. Pioneered with the product ‘Chincholi Perni Yantra’, the firm has introduced more than 100 farming tools and equipment such as farming equipment, harvesting equipment, farm machinery, water pumps, sprays and many more.

In this article, we will let you know about the top 10 most useful farming tools and equipment introduced by Pad Corp.

Top 10 useful farming tools and equipment of Pad Corp


During power cut-off, it becomes difficult for farmers to continue with their farming mechanism. To combat the problem of farmers, make use of generators that provide them with portable and backup generator power in farming, ranch and other agricultural applications. These generators also provide household power backup.

Pad Corp has introduced many models of generators such as

  • 5 Hp Diesel Bear Engine generator with 72 Kg wt
  • 7.5 Kva Diesel Generator with 300 Kg wt
  • 10 Kva Diesel generator with 350 Kg wt
  • Padcorp Cub Water Cooled Generator Set

Water Pump:

The water pump is one of the most important machines used in agriculture. It helps to move water from its source to the fields and crops. These pumps are utilized in various forms of irrigation such as drip, sprinklers or with a hose.

Pad Corp manufactures a wide range of water pumps that are durable and affordable. Some of the best models introduced by the firm include:

  • Water Pump – 2Hp Petrol/Kerosine
  • Water Pump – 5Hp Petrol/Kerosine
  • Water Pump- 5 Hp Diesel Supreme Gold
  • Padcorp Cub Diesel Engine Light Weight Water Pump Set
  • Water Pump- 5Hp diesel
  • Water Pump -8 Hp Diesel

Battery Sprayers

These agricultural and landscaping devices are employed in spraying liquids such as pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. to protect crops from pests and also provide essential nutrients to the crops.

Pad Crop assists farmers with a wide range of battery sprayers having different specifications and at affordable prices. All these sprayers remain charged for a long duration and have high tank capacity. Some of the latest additions by Pad Corp include:

  • Pad Corp Double Bull Battery Operated Sprayer is the best of its kind.
  • Spark Battery Pump
  • GIRIK 2 in 1
  • Supreme 2 in 1
  • Turbo 2 in 1
  • GIRIK Double Motor

Manual Hand Sprayers

These sprayers help in spraying liquid pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, etc. in the agricultural fields without the use of any battery.

Pad Corp have introduced manual hand sprays which are lightweight, easy to handle and with a sizable tank. Some of the best sprayers by Pad Corp include:

  • Silver Hand Spray
  • Gold Hand Spray
  • Angel Hand Spray
  • Plus Hand Spray

Garden Sprayers

When you have simply to apply liquid fungicide or insecticide to treat garden plants, then portable small-sized garden sprayers can work efficiently.

Pad Corp makes various models of garden sprayers that can be used to apply synthetic as well as organic materials like horticulture oils. These are hand-operated and available in different capacities. Some of the best models are as follows:

  • ANGELO 500 ml/ 1 L/2L/5L capacity
  • FLORA 1L/2L/5L/9L capacity
  • SUZO 1.5L/2L capacity
  • ZAARI 2L/5L/8L/10L capacity

Crop Cutter

Today, tools like crop cutters have made the job of farmers much easier. Neither it requires large labour nor it is time-consuming. These tools have blades that cut the crop in a scissoring type of motion. Now it is widely in use.

Pad Corp has introduced crop cutters to enable small farmers to do their job independently. These come in various models at affordable prices. Some of the best ones are:

  • Crop Cutter (Side Pack), 42cc, 2st; 36cc, 4st
  • Crop Cutter (Back Pack), 42cc, 2st; 36cc, 4st

Weeder Machine

Assembledweeder machines are now easily available in the market to remove weeds of different sizes. These weeders save labour costs as well as time. These are portable, budget-friendly and requires less maintenance.

Pad Crop has manufactured different models of weeder machines that have different specifications. Some of the models with the best specifications are as follows:

  • Weeder Machine 2Hp/4.5Hp with petrol engine
  • Weeder Machine 7Hp Chikalni Karita

Reaper Machine

These harvesting machines help farmers in easing their work and in saving labour costs.

Pad Crop has introduced this reaper machine which is being much appreciated by the users. It is easily available at an affordable price.

Seeding Machine

Today farmers don’t need to manually spread the seeds in large fields. The seeding machines have made this tiring job very easy for the farmers. Many companies have started making seeding machines that save time for the farmers and also the labour cost.

Pad Crop has introduced a budget-friendly, seeding machine that evenly distributes the seeds in the field.


Tarpolin is another very important and effective piece of equipment that is being used in agriculture for various purposes. This large sheet of strong, flexible and water-resistant material protects dried crops, husks, etc. in the field.

Pad Crop manufactures Tarpolin of different colours, of varying thickness and at an affordable rate. This very useful equipment is not only in used in agriculture but also finds wide application in different places.

Why should you choose Padgilwar Corporation for agriculture tools, equipment and machinery?

Pad Corp based in Pune is one of the best players in manufacturing agricultural tools, equipment and machinery. We are the leader in this field since 1960 and have been serving small-scale farmers with cheap and best tools and services. There are good enough reasons for choosing us for all your farming related tools and services.

Cost-effective: Our farming tools and equipment make the job of the farmers easy. Farmers don’t require much labour and the work is done in very little time. These make our tools and equipment cost-effective. Moreover, Pad Corp aims to serve small-scale farmers hence all the products are budget-friendly.

Quality: Pad Crop provides the farmers with strong and sturdy products so that they are long-lasting. This prevents farmers to repurchase the product. The high-quality product is the speciality of Pad Corp.

Low Maintenance: Farmers generally live in remote areas so it becomes difficult for people to go and repair the products now and then. Pad Corp keeping this in mind manufactures products that require low and easy maintenance.

Availability: Our wide distribution network and dedicated dealers have always ensured farmers get the required products on time.

Easy availability of spare parts: Pad Corp understands that if the spare parts are not available, it becomes difficult for the farmers to keep their machines in good working conditions so our spare parts are easily available.


Padgilwar Corporation, one of the oldest and the most trusted manufacturers of farming tools and equipment have manufactured more than 100 reliable products that benefit farmers. Moreover, intending to serve small-scale farmers in the country, Pad Corp produces low-cost and cost-effective products. Thus, if you require any farming tools or equipment, Pad Corp is the best place.